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    WELL I know that I have to switch to Japanese before installing and playing the game, but the problem is that I don't use Windows XP. I use WIndows 7 and I don't know how to switch language with this version of Windows. Can someone help me?

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    i dont know how to play Dynamite Darling, since its in .mds and .mdf , PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME D:
    i dont know what to do, and i wanna play it soo bad TT ^ TT

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    Ok my problem is the same with MonsterManiac in the sense everything was done properly (switched jap b4 installing blah blah blah) but the text still says gibberish for me. And the suggestion given by MonsterManiac seemed pretty risky to me as it involves fiddling with the systems32 folder...so i was wondering if anyone else has any other ideas?
    FYI=> i use windows xp, and heres an image:

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    Quote Originally Posted by aphelion_orion View Post
    Quick 'n' Dirty FAQ:

    1. I'm not very good with computers. Why do I need to switch, anyway?
    Well, think of your doujin game and your PC as a person who speaks only Japanese and a person who speaks only English. They will not be able to communicate unless you teach one of them the other's language. Since your PC and your game are not real people, only the PC has the "ability" to "learn" a new language.

    2. How do I know whether my computer has Japanese support or not?
    This is fairly simple. Visit any Japanese-language website. If the website shows up in weird symbols and gibberish instead of kanji, there is a high chance you do not have the East Asian language support installed. To be 100% sure, go to View > Encoding in your browser menu and see if you can select "Japanese" from the menu. If not, then you are missing the language pack.

    3. How do I install the language pack?
    This was detailed in the above post.

    4. Do I need to uninstall anything in order to get the language pack to work?
    No. You certainly do not need to uninstall/delete anything. You only need to install the additional language support for Japanese, and then switch over. Leave the other language packs alone, please. They do no harm to your computer, you, or your enjoyment of Japanese mansmut. XD

    5. Help! I do not have the original Windows XP CD-Rom!
    Do not panic. Even if you do not have the original Windows CD, there is still a good chance your East Asian language pack is lying dormant on your harddrive. Simply try to follow the instructions for switching languages. If things still do not work out, please refer to this thread: http://aarinfantasy.com/forum/f52/t6..._japanese.html for additional support. There is a good chance the method detailed there will work for you.

    6. But I'm scared my computer/programs will no longer work if I change the language!
    Trust me, your computer WILL work. I'm typing this post from a language-switched PC. In fact, most English-language programs will not care that you have changed to Japanese one bit. I've been running on Japanese for more than a year now - everything in my system is still displayed in perfect English (except for the backslashes, which change to Yen-symbols), and so far, the only program that has given me any trouble with running is Dreamweaver MX. MS Word, your browser, e-mail client, image program, media player etc. will all run smoothly.

    7. Help, the Japanese game I'm trying to install is giving me error messages with weird symbols!!!
    Then you haven't switched to Japanese. ;P Seriously, switch languages before installing to be safe. Some games will not mind if you install them on an English PC, and will only cock up when you try to play them, but some will pitch a fit and refuse to install.

    8. I haven't switched languages, and my game works fine up to a certain point/the opening movie/when I try to load a save!
    Switch languages. Really. In 90% of all cases, such errors are due to not switching.

    9. But my friend said s/he is playing Silver Chaos/Lamento/Enzai/Togainu on an English PC!!!
    Then your friend is either misinformed or lying. ;P There ARE games that will work without switching languages first, but Silver Chaos, Lamento, Enzai and Togainu no Chi are not among them. In fact, 99% of games absolutely require language switching before installing and playing. The more complicated a game is, the more likely it is to require that support.

    10. HELP! I'm running on Windows Vista, and my games don't work anymore!
    Ouch. Windows Vista is a toughie. I do not think too highly of this OS, because it has many compatibility issues, especially with games of any language. I'm sorry to say that I can't provide support for Windows Vista. If there is someone who can, please do it in my stead. As it is, the best help I can offer you is to get a separate harddrive and install Windows XP there.

    11. HELP! I'm running on Windows 98/ME/2000!!!
    Ohh, another toughie. For language-switching on all of the above systems, please refer to this website for instructions: Installing East Asian language support under Windows - MozillaZine Knowledge Base

    12. Help! I'm running on a Mac!
    Good luck at finding games that work with Macintosh, in general. I'm sorry to say but the chances of doujin games working on a Mac are not exactly great.
    Is it work properly on windows 7, cause I'm using this OS rite now o_O

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azzu03 View Post
    Is it work properly on windows 7, cause I'm using this OS rite now o_O
    For 32 bit yes for Most games, 64 bit (Vista as well) you can't play Lamento
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    I-I need help.
    First, the Daemon tools and tutorials - is there a thread that explains all this?
    Second, I want to play Kichiku Megane R. Do I need to change my system locale or the current unicode something? I run a Vista.
    Please help me~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sekoron View Post
    I-I need help.
    First, the Daemon tools and tutorials - is there a thread that explains all this?
    Daemon Tools instructions...

    1) You can download daemon tools here -> click

    2) Install Daemon tools

    3) After install, Daemon tools should be running in your system tray (the far right side of your Windows Task Bar). If not, go find it in your Programs in the Start Menu.

    4) In the system tray, right click on Daemon tools icon. Go to "Virtual CD/DVDROM", then "Set Number of Devices", then choose "1".

    5) Right click on Daemon tools in the system tray again, and go again to "Virtual CD/DVDROM", then "Device 0: [#] EMPTY", then "Mount Image". You'll be able to browse to the image file you are wanting to mount.

    6) That's all there is to it. You've now basically tricked your computer into believing that there is a real cd rom in a real drive. It should auto-load, but if not, you can find the fake cd/dvd in "My Computer" under the drive list.

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    [lang=fr]Bonjour j'aimerais savoir comment changer la langue avec Windows Vista =) merci d'avance[/lang]

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    For Vista, you have to go to Formats and Administrative Tab to change the language settings to Japanese before you can start to install Japanese games.

    Formats - change the current format from English to Japanese
    Administrative - click on "Change system locale" and change the current system locale from English to Japanese

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    [lang=fr]merci j'ai fait se que vous m'avez dit
    j'ai mis japonais dans le format actuel j'ai essaiyer de jouer a silver chaos et j'ai toujours des ecriture bizarre comme ca: ?????????????????????? ???????? ?????????????
    puis au moment on une images apparaît mon jeux s'arrête
    comment dois-je faire?[/lang]



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