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    Angry Togainu no Chi Routes Crash

    Well first of all I'm having trouble finishing the story routes in the game because it keeps crashing on me when ever I get up to a certain point of a path,like close to keisuke's bad ending and Akira's Dream.I have already read previous threads in search of a solution and I have tried everything under sun but it still isn't working.I have also tried changing my computer's language to japanese which was suggested in a previous thread but that isn't working either.Btw I have the english translation of the game installed and I'm using windows 7.So I'm hoping that someone will assist me on this matter..

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    I am having the same problem as you. No matter how many times I try to uninstall/install the game, nor how many times I keep deleting and downloading it, it never seems to work.

    So if anybody have a solution, I would be glad to hear it too ^^'

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    Same issue Win 7, with the beta patch.

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    Oh, speaking of patch, I tried to play the game without it, but it stills crash. So, I suppose it is not related...

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    Togainu no Chi
    Publisher: Nitro+CHiRAL

    + filesend +

    ^Downloaded this one
    Anyone else download any other links, maybe this ones broken?

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    I'll try this one, who knows what can come out of it, but it's not the one I dl first. I can't find the link anymore, but it was a torrent... =X

    EDIT : So I tried your link. The first time it crashed during the dream, but I tried to uninstall/install it once more, and this time it crashed after Keisuke's Yandere appearance... I'll try a last time, but well, I don't expect it to work well this time again =_='

    EDIT 2 : Third time wasn't good, as I thought. Still crashed after Keisuke...
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    I guess it doesnt matter which download link u get it from ._. any fixes yet?

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    Well, I am trying something with a really, reaaally nice person named Kessai xD
    Don't know if that will work, but I'll let you guys know either way ^^'

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    I have the same problem T.T .... Do you find any solution for this problem?

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    Im also getting frozen at that white screen, and I have my pc in jap, so I dont know why other people could play it, maybe there is a problem with this game and win 7?



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