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    Steal! start problem

    I am having problem with playing Steal! I have windows XP and I changed my regional language to Japanese and all that. The trial game installed fine but when I dbl click on the shortcut, I get this message about my windows must be in japanese.

    All my other japanese games are working fine. Please help

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    Hello there... Did you only switched the language for the regional? Sounds like you didn't change the non-unicode one.

    If you haven't done yet, follow this steps:

    1. Go to control panel > Region and language.
    2. Make sure the next window is set to Japanese in all:
    3. I guess you have this one already set, but if not, tick this ones:
    4. And of course, in 'Advanced' tab, set the non-unicode to Japanese. (Sorry, I don't have a pic for that)

    I think that should cover it up! Good luck!

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    That's a protection (which is also used in some other newer otome games) of the game, it won't work unless you're using Japanese windows. Yes, that means even switching region won't work so getting this error is actually is normal ^^;;
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    Hello there,

    What Shikumo said is correct, there's a protection on this game limited to only Japanese version of Windows You can get the crack from either blueblackbl's post HERE or mito's post HERE.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thank you Evoco! I was beginning to wonder if I have to get a Japanese windows now XD. The crack worked perfectly.

    In response to Twilight, yes, I had also switched for the non-unicode also, with no results.



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