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    No sharing of Attractive Fascinante projects

    From this moment on, all scans/scanlations that are shared on this forum that belongs to Attractive Fascinante (LiveJournal) will be forbidden to share.

    All current download links will be removed asap. This will take time and we will need your cooperation since there are many titles.

    This is a request from the scanlation team, please respect and comply with their request.

    If you see threads with their material, please use the "Report Post" function to inform the staff.

    Thank you very much!

    ~ Donation to the site is appreciated. Thank you. ~

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    [MENTION=443678]spiderblood[/MENTION] ; and to everyone else who asked... I'm sorry to say that I cannot comment further on this because I have received the request from them to do so only, and that's all to it.

    ~ Donation to the site is appreciated. Thank you. ~



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