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    27 10.80%
  • Banner #2

    60 24.00%
  • Banner #3

    32 12.80%
  • Banner #4

    45 18.00%
  • Banner #5

    13 5.20%
  • Banner #6

    35 14.00%
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    38 15.20%
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    Forum banner Vote [ Light Purple ]

    Welcome to the Voting part of

    - Vote for one banner you want for the Patient Purple (light) style -
    - Voting will be anonymous -
    - Simple right? xD -






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    You guys spoiling me/us with these wonderful banners. Great work.^^

    Made by Dangerousangel & twinning w/ darkfaith, ~ thanks. <3 My Pigeon Family/ My Wishlist

    click please <3
    * pigeon kiss. XD

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    This one was an easy choice for me, and yay, it's winning

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    They are all lovely; makes it hard to choose.
    Coloring & Set by SunLilyQ

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    This was somewhat of a tough decision, but voted for the popular vote so far.

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    Eee, I really love 1, 2, 3, & 4.

    I wonder what card is in my hand today, hmm?

    Set done by Angon thanks!

    ~My cards, thanks and wish list~

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    grrrrrr i can't decide which to vote between 2 and 6 argh my head's gonna explode they're too beautiful ahhh.............

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    omg guys, banner 5 is so smexy x3 kyaaaaa bishies ftw <3
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    They're all so wonderful!
    set made by (I completely forgot! Please contact me if you made this!) thank you!!
    My thanks, cards & wishlist~!
    My scroll!
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    Wuah, so many amazing banner~ *A*

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