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    47 18.22%
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    50 19.38%
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    57 22.09%
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    31 12.02%
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    34 13.18%
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    The Real Life Raichu

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    Forum banner Vote [ Dark Red ]

    Welcome to the Voting part of

    - Vote for one banner you want for the Dark Red style -
    - Voting will be anonymous -
    - Simple right? xD -







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    in the iShop forever petting velvet... yummy
    a difficult decision... They are all wonderful banners and favorite characters! for me it was a toss-up of 4, 5, & 6, because, to me, they seemed more in context of a "dark" red theme.
    ...or maybe that's just my preference for angst & drama showing
    Beautiful work on every one!

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    Definitely hard to choose. They all look amazing, I wish they could all be used. Great job to those who entered~
    < Sig & Avi by me >
    Thanks to sayurichama for Yamamoto (L7) and Ryla for Hei (L7), Mikage (L8) and Gokudera (L10)

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    Wow, so pretty! Anyway, i made my decision, although i don't mind if it's not the one which will get most votes.

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    Erotic Devil
    All the entries are really nice..
    Best of luck.
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    so many cool banners xD so hard to choose too~ xDD

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    Extreme Yaoi Guru
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    Philippines (I wish in my fantasy world *winks*)
    All entries are so beautiful! Those who created the banners did a relly good job! This is a tough one. I too wish, that all can be used.
    It is sad that in this world, people would rather see two men holding guns, killing each other... Than to see two men holding hands, loving each other..... THANK YOU VERY MUCH...
    Atenias for Lv5 Ryoma, cabbit_girl for S1 Endo, crimsonsilverdragon for Lv1 Abel, Demeter for Lv5 Itachi, Ferus37 for Lv9 Akabane & Lv9 Dante, gen_marple for S3 Lelouch, kunitsu for Lv7 Byakuya, malary for Lv2 Usami, renji14 for Lv1 Juubei, Ryou for Lv1 Iruka, & to the person who gave me Lv8 Seimei.

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    Yaoi Amateur
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    In a world of my own, where everything is what it isn't...And what it isn't it is
    All entries are so beautiful!
    It's so hard to choose...
    Good luck to all of you.
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    Thank you and wish list

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    Extreme Yaoi Guru
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    good old germany
    Aww all so beautiful and awesome made. Thanks for all the hard work.

    Made by Dangerousangel & twinning w/ darkfaith, ~ thanks. <3 My Pigeon Family/ My Wishlist

    click please <3
    * pigeon kiss. XD

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    Their all so lovely, but my vote would be in fourth place. But meh. . . I'll be happy with any of the banners that gets the most votes.



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