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    Decorative icon contest! (PART 2)

    The iShop needs some more decorative symbols/icons aside from what we currently have. I will need your help on it and I will be awarding you for it. However, it is not just some random copy from internet site images and paste it here. You can do that but you need to fulfill several criteria for the picture to be valid for this contest.

    Criteria for picture:
    1) Must have transparent background.
    2) Must be saved in .png
    3) The area size of the picture must be 60 pixel(height) x 50 pixel(width), the symbol itself can be around the size like what you see in the iShop.
    4) Think of symbol that can be used for both dark and light background.
    5) If you have chosen an existing symbol but with a non-transparent background, please clean/clear it up first using Photoshop and paste it on a transparent background.
    6) It can be fancy or very simple.
    7) Not animated.
    8) It can be existing image or an image you created by yourself. If it's an image you created on your own, please include it as a note in your entry.
    9) Not a must but preferably something that's not very flat or looked like a card image... something with a bit of 3D or shadow too if that helps. Please think about images that you might want to be a part of the iShop.
    10) Do remember to keep the .psd of your file just in case.
    11) Better sample size that I prefer will be like this:

    Types of symbol needed:
    Any types from... hearts, stars, slash, music notes, patterns or any icons/symbols.
    I am also looking for the male and female symbol in a set, like male ♂ and female ♀

    How to post your entries:
    1) Post your pictures here in this thread.
    2) You can post up to 10 pictures at maximum and 1 picture at minimum.
    3) The image has to be shown on your post, and please don't copy text link only. Use the "Insert Image" button. Make sure your links are not broken until I gave out contest points.
    4) If you wanna add more pictures in your post later, just Edit your post.
    5) Due date is 27th July 2011, so you have time to edit your post till then.
    6) Anyone in the forum can participate - Regular forumers and even staff members.
    7) Example of post: Star, heart, heart, star, slash (this is counted as 5 pics already, they are not separated by categories)
    8) Please don't post something you feel you don't really like but just to get entry points =x

    I will be rewarding some points for each pic at the end of this contest, haven't decide how much so it depends on how many submissions I am getting. But it will be at least 10,000 points for each symbol submission or more, not 100 points don't worry.

    Winning symbol gets to be featured and sold in the iShop. Your name will be credited in the iShop. Winners will get 200,000 points per chosen entry.

    NOTE: I reserve the right to pick or not pick a winning symbol at the end of the contest, just in case all the symbols are not what I really expected. And most of all, please accept that I might not choose your symbol as the winning symbol eventhough the symbol looked fantastic in many people's eyes... I am picking one that I felt is suitable for the forum. I am the only judge in this contest. I don't know how many symbols I am going to pick for winners.

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    These are my entries. Some I have edited some I have not. I will keep on editing this post until the closing date, coz I might change my mind later if I come up with something better.

    10 Entries

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Let me know if you want any changes, like different colours, sizes or with shadows etc.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Dropping my first entry ;u; All made by me :3

    1. Sakura Flower

    2. Wings

    3. Crown

    4. Male symbol
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    Here are my entries. None of these are simply just cut and pasted from a picture. These are mostly from brushes that I edited/combined or drew myself.

    (yes these two are like the ones I entered before but I made them look a bit better I hope ^^; )


    (showing different sizes and colors that can be changed)
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    Here are my entries:

    1. Handcuffs

    2. Whip

    3. Lucky Cat - Maneki neko
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    Gave it a try All by me from scratch..

    1. or (one looks better on white and the other on dark ._.) also, I think it would be cool if there's the other side, I'll try to do it later...
    2. or V2



    (Made a pink one but I don't like ._.)

    8. V1 or V2
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    1. gender: [4]

    2.heart [3]

    3.something totally different: Jpn letter


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    01 - 06 selfmade, 07 - 10 editings of pics i found

    01. 02. 03.
    04. 05. 06.

    07. 08. 09.

    original for
    07/08: link
    original for 09: link

    (i used the smaller, non-watermarked preview pics)

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    My entries:

    1. 2.

    3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

    I got the sizes ant the shades a bit randomly with the smileys, but I do have the psd files saved, in case you chose any of them.
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    This contest has been closed... and I will select the icons soon.
    Please make sure there are only 10 pics and not 10 categories in your entry.

    [MENTION=402984]Chawsu[/MENTION] ; I think you misunderstood that I said 10 pics... it means each pic, not categories. So you have to post like Wasabi2001, rou and the others in this thread. If there's no changes, I will have to be fair and pick only the first 10 pics in your entry ok.

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