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    Signature of The Month (SOTM) - March 2011

    Signature of The Month

    Members Choice for best signature of the month

    How to Enter:


    Winners are NO LONGER REQUIRED
    to keep their winning Entry as their Signature for 1 week after winner is announced.

    Theme: "Live it up"

    (Mar's theme picked by Feb's winner, KaichouofKawaii)


    SOTM is chosen through Voting. First 3 weeks (1st-21st) of the month for submission, then it will be closed for submission (22nd) and the last week (23rd-29th) will be for Voting. Link to voting thread will be updated here on the last week of the month. We will announce the winner at the last day of the month (30th or 31st).

    Winner's award: 3 million points

    • Send your Submission to this username through Private Message (PM): AF Forum Contest.
      Important: You must write in the PM subject as "Submission for SOTM"

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    Here's what quoted by KaichouofKawaii:

    "something like 'live it up' , with nice vibrances, bright like."

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    Closed for entry.

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