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    VOTE - Signature of The Month (SOTM) - January 2011

    Theme: "High-Tech" by ritar

    Please vote for your fav:

    ENTRY #1:

    ENTRY #2:

    ENTRY #3:


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    Yaoi Veteran

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    Oct 2010
    I'm fond with blue~~~ I'm voting for entry#3~~~ Very lovely~~~
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    Entry #3 is so cute! *votes*
    Set by DangerousAngel
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    I will be very busy for the next couple of weeks. See ya later guys! ^^

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    #1 is so pretttyyyy~~

    >>>Thanks to biscuit for the set!!! Thank you moony & celt for the yummy cards and congrats on your wedding~!<<<

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    Huge sucker for light effects so I vote for three!
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    On kik's head
    I voted for #1.

    Set made by Gloomy Gloo featuring Takasugi from Gintama.

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    Yaoi Lover

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    Jul 2010
    searching for my place O.o
    I vote for entry three too
    love the details

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    ~ super awesome profile made by ryla ~

    on hiatus... sorry to all my friends

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    I voted for entry no.2. I think it followed the hi-tech theme the best Although, the other two were also really great entries.
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    Thank you xMyuuchanx for the set.
    Awesome, awesome cards thanks to the lovely couple, celticmoon!

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    I vote on entry 3.
    It is very good.



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