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    No Forum Contest in December

    Because of the forum upgrade issues, there will be no Forum Contests (hosted by AarinFantasy) for December 2010.
    I will issue the Nov rewards after the system is completely up.
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    One question what about custom profile of the month? who won?

    I'm proud to be an AarinBoy !!
    Wish list Akihito (L10) Sebastian (L13) Luka UB (L12)
    Arigato everybody for CARDS !!! Thanks AF Faery Garden for Light lvl 10 Card Thanks AFG for Endo and Riki (L9)

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    I will be announcing the November POTM when the award system is back since we give that award to the winner.
    If it's still not available after a long time, I will announce the winner first.

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