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    Laniakea Supercluster

    Custom Profile of the Month - September 2010

    POTM - Custom Profile of the Month

    the Staff of Aarinfantasy selects the best-designed profile of the month from your entries or nominations.


    • Your profile must have been customized by you and not copied from someone else's design.
    • Must not have already received a Profile of the Month award in the past 3 Months.
    • Must not have already received a Profile of the Month award for the same design on a previous occasion.


    • Profile must not contain any obscene/pornograpic images: This includes user pic, avatar, signature, photo album cover and background image/wallpaper... basically any image that is visible to visitors of your profile.

    • Limit of 1 Nominations per User: Due to the number of anticipated entries, any given member can only nominate 1 profile for Profile of the Month award each month.

    • Limit of 1 Nomination-Post Per Candidate: Profile of the Month is selected from your nominations by Aarinfantasy's Staff. There is no Voting Process

    • You can ONLY submit your own Profile.

    • Link to contest/voting thread in your signature - is allowed.

    • No Spamming - via PM, VM or Threads to beg for Votes.

    • Your Profile must be accessible to all Registered Members. Profile Privacy options are managed in the User CP. It's good to not make your profile accessible to Everyone (as this includes guests?) but it must be visible to Registered Members (as opposed to Contacts or Friends). To get an Award - people have to be able to see it!

    • Submit your entry by posting in this thread. Just post:
      "Entering my profile for POTM."


    Open to Entries Now.
    Closed to Entries & Nominations July 25, 2010.
    Winner Announced August 1, 2010

    Aarinfantasy: Pandora's Lament (WIP)
    Wattpad: Blood Binds (WIP/Non-BL) | Starchaser (WIP/Non BL)

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    Losing the ponies
    Entering my profile for POTM!
    Cards Made For Me|Thanks and Wishlist

    Lusting after Colossal Titan (L9), Armin SnK (L9), and Sasha SnK (L7)
    (Lovely Levi Set by Dirdri!)

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    ❀ in my inventory, ravishing each of my harems :wahaha: ❀
    Entering my profile for POTM
    I wanna tell sweet stories for everyone who wishes to have sweet dreams

    ❀lovely set by FairyRaven

    My FF|my DA|My GFX Shop
    My thanks, wishlists, and harem lists

    Cards: xMyuuchanx ; stamp: crisislover

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    Entering my profile for POTM

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    Feb 2009
    between heaven and hell just in the middle .....
    Entering my profile for POTM

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    Jun 2005
    Lil' Belgium, Dilbeek
    Entering my profile for POTM!

    --> Rest in peace, Asami Tojo <--



    Adopted: Suhi // Adopted by Kumi-kun and Synnesai
    My sugar friend: Eiensama My brothers: Rav, Tasukiseishi My adorable nee-chans : Crystalicious, Purplepaws, Thyella, Dahlia
    Friends: Yaoichan, Hikari, Silvis, Pretty, Arinna My precious wife: Ray_murata
    My Idol: Kawaii My sex toy: Dreamension Fan of: Kanharu

    ~~Thankies for all the thanks~~

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    Entering my profile for POTM.

    ★♥~Set by Twinstar~♥★

    ♦My wishlist and thanks♦ ♦goodreads♦
    ♦Livejournal♦ ♦deviantART♦
    ♦Twitter♦ ♦Tumblr♦ ♦Youtube♦
    ♦My first Bee's name is Noctis♦ ♦Jowy Atreides is MINE♦

    ~Wishing so hard for Lv12 Luka UB and Lv12 Sasuke~

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    Entering my profile for POTM

    raw pics found on DA
    ♀ + ♀ = ♥ | ♂ + ♂ = ♥ | ♀ + ♂ = ♥
    | CARDs ~ THANKs |deviantART|
    ~ THANK YOU for REPs ~

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    Entering my profile for "PotM"



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