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    Custom Profile of the Month (POTM) - May 2012

    Custom Profile of the Month (POTM) - May 2012 POTM - Custom Profile of the Month

    The Staff of Aarinfantasy selects the best-designed profile of the month from your entries or nominations.


    • Your profile must have been customized by you and not copied from someone else's design.
    • Must not have already received a Profile of the Month award in the past 3 Months.
    • Must not have already received a Profile of the Month award for the same design on a previous occasion.


    • Profile must not contain any obscene/pornograpic images: This includes user pic, avatar, signature, photo album cover and background image/wallpaper... basically any image that is visible to visitors of your profile.

    • Limit of 1 Nominations per User: Due to the number of anticipated entries, any given member can only nominate 1 profile for Profile of the Month award each month.

    • Limit of 1 Nomination-Post Per Candidate: Profile of the Month is selected from your nominations by Aarinfantasy's Staff. There is no Voting Process

    • You can ONLY submit your own Profile.

    • Link to contest/voting thread in your signature - is allowed.

    • No Spamming - via PM, VM or Threads to beg for Votes.

    • Your Profile must be accessible to all Registered Members. Profile Privacy options are managed in the User CP. It's good to not make your profile accessible to Everyone (as this includes guests?) but it must be visible to Registered Members (as opposed to Contacts or Friends).

    • Submit your entry by posting in this thread. Just post:
      "Entering my profile for POTM."


    Open to Entries Now.
    Closed to Entries & Nominations May 25, 2012.
    Winner Announced June, 2012

    Prize: 3million points for winner~

    ~ Donation to the site is appreciated. Thank you. ~

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    "Entering my profile for POTM."

    ~Kusakabe Hikaru~~Sajou Rihito~

    ~thank you for points, cards, rep and thanks~
    Cards inventory, Thanks list and Wishlist | +MyAnimeList+
    laketica's Kyoins bank
    ~Let Reblog what eva~
    thegallery: anshobango wa aishiteru desu

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    Yaoi Fan

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    Mar 2011
    around the corner form here

    Entering my profile for POTM.

    ::set credits::

    missing you

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    Yaoi Addict
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    Sep 2010
    ~Where Hibird is flying around my head~
    Entering my profile for POTM.
    Assassin Creed set by ~*celtic7irish*~


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    Yaoi Expert

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    Oct 2008
    A nice dark cave in Middle Earth...with Ichigo and a kitty... ^^
    Entering my profile for POTM.

    Set by Delques
    Cards by me ~ Profile by brittnibear21

    **My Sincerest Thanks & Wishes**
    *Bunny Shiro-chan finally has a friend, thank you*
    ~~ Gollum's Graphics Cave ~~ [CLOSED]

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    Entering my profile for POTM.

    If you want to know a bit about me then feel free to click the link below.

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    Entering my profile for POTM.
    my graphics shop | DA | my art gallery | read PS tuts + get resources

    Thank you xMyuuchanx for the set.
    Awesome, awesome cards thanks to the lovely couple, celticmoon!

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    Extreme Yaoi Guru

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    Jun 2008
    Tropical Summerland with Mia
    "Entering my profile for POTM."

    set by Schneider - art by Yuumei at DA - 19.09

    My thank you list and my card wishlist

    Ebil, the bunny, Bumblebee, Honeybee and the Beebop bee.

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    Yaoi Devotee
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    Oct 2011
    Do you know in the Seireitei, where the Third Division is? I live in the fukutaicho's bed!
    "Entering my profile for POTM."

    Most beautiful set ever made and offered by -- celtic7irish!!Thank you so so so much!<3
    Favourite Pairs|| Thanks and Wishlist|| I own Shuuhei x Kira deliciousness
    Kira Izuru is mine! -- 369!

    My mangalist * Tumblr


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    Entering my profile for POTM.
    feel free to address me as 'kaichou'

    .:: 5.18.14 ::.



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